Unknown or Anonymous        Donated Dresses

Any dress donated without a name will be labeled Anonymous and assigned a number.

   We will try our best to match up anonymous dresses without names with donors

      for photos. However, once a dress is worked with, it is difficult to match up

           with the donor, so please be sure to donate with your name on the

                       dress if you would like to be tagged in photos. 


If you did not include your name with your dress, or you haven't seen photos of completed sets used with your dress and it has been over 6 months, please fill out the form below so       we can attempt to match up the Unknown/Anonymous dress with your donation.


             *Please note, colored dresses will take longer to be used as they will

                     primarily be used in combination with wedding dresses*


Please email us a photo of your dress to help in identifying it: AngelGownsOfNorthTexas@yahoo.com