Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?


Our donation receipt is located here!

How long does it take for my dress to be used?


The time from wedding dress donation received to Angel Gown Sets completed varies greatly. Please remember that all of us are volunteers, many of which have full time or part time jobs and families. Each volunteer's time availability will vary day by day and week by week.


Additionally, colored dresses will take longer to use as the colored dresses are used primarily for color accents and vests, etc. 

We do our best to work with the dresses in the order they are donated, but some dresses will take longer than others to be used. Most dresses will be cut into Angel Gowns by a volunteer and then those sets will be given to our seamstresses to sew. Some dresses, however, are given to seamstresses whole either by the request of the seamstress or by nature of the particular dress. Since there is a lot of time spent with each dress donated, it is difficult to gauge how long it will take to see completed sets from your dress. 

I donated my dress over 1 year ago and haven't seen any completed sets from it on Facebook yet.


We receive many dresses where no donor name was left with the dress, or the name was not with the dress when we picked up from our donation drop off locations. These dresses are assigned a number to be used in identification later on, if possible. Please see our Unknown Donations page to fill out the form to help us locate your dress. If we do not have a dress on file with your name associated with it, we will do our best to match your description with our Unknown dresses.  

How many Angel Gowns will be made from my dress?


There are a few factors that apply to the number of Angel Gown Sets we are able to cut from one dress. The number varies depending on the amount of fabric, beading, lace, embroidery, etc that the dress has, as well as what the specific Angel Gown size needs are at that particular time. We have been able to get anywhere between 4 and 40 Angel Gown Sets from single dresses. Not only does the fabric itself get used as the Angel Gowns, but any lace, beading, bows, sashes, buttons, etc will be used on other Angel Gown Sets as well.  

Where will my dress be donated?


Our organization is based in Texas. While we have volunteers and seamstresses located both in and out of state, any Angel Gown created by us will stay in Texas to help our local families in need. We are in contact with many hospitals and funeral homes across the state who receive packages from us. 

What happens if you receive an Angel Gown request from outside of Texas?


We coordinate with an Angel Gown group near the family to get them the Angel Gown they need. We have a relationship with groups in most states and in other countries who are able to help those families near them. 

Can my dress be donated to a hospital I choose?


We have had requests for donations to go to a particular Texas hospital. In these cases, we contact the location and work with them to deliver the sizes they need when they need them. Because the dress is designated to a specific location, the time between receiving the donated dress to when the hospital receives the Angel Gowns can be anywhere from weeks to many months. We make every effort to ensure the Angel Gowns created from that dress go to it's designated location.

Can I get the Angel Gowns back to donate myself?


If you would like to have the Angel Gowns from your dress go to a specific location, please contact us prior to donating. We will coordinate with that particular hospital to ensure they receive what they need and when they need it. We send them directly to the facility and do not send Angel Gowns back to the dress donor.

Can you make me an item from my dress?


You are more than welcome to cut out any fabric you would like to keep from your dress prior to donating it. We cannot specialty make items for donors.